Grass Fed, All Natural.

Food produced according to biblical principles to produce the tastiest, nutrient dense foods for you and your family.


Buying direct from your local farmer allows you to to see first hand how your food is produced, and whi is producing it!  No preservatives or fillers are used at Free Range farm.   


Studies confirm that grass fed, vaccine free animals raised in humane conditions yields product that is 40%-90% more nutrient dense than commercial products.  That means you eat less and feel more full!


Come check us out!  We hope when you come to pick up your purchases at the farm you will take time to walk the farm, hike through the woods, and get to know the men and women producing excellent food for your family!  

Online Store

We are here to help!  Reserve your meats by shopping at the store, or give us a call, so we can address your questions.  We will be glad to hear from you!

Only Natural Products

We don't sell what we don't grow.  We know what goes in to our animals and produce, so we can feel sure we have provided you the best nutrition and taste we can make.